Safe, Professional and Long Lasting:Our mica powder is a powder processed from natural mica minerals, and does not contain harmful substances and irritants.Our mica powder pigments are 100% natural ,mild and non-toxic. Professional resin pigment are worthy of your trust.Our natural mica powder pigments are high-density,so just a little can goes a long way, and there is a lasting color effect.

      This epoxy resin pigment is a great way to create something unique and pleasing to the eye.Perfect for eye shadow, lip gloss, resin arts, acrylic paint, tumbler, coaster, nail polish, soap making, bath bomb, slime pigment, candle making and so much more.

      Our Pigment powder is very easy to mix and dissolve, and is very suitable for coloring resins.When you use it,we suggest that you only need to add a little at a time,stir and observe the color change.Do not put too much pigment powder at a time.We also prepared gold,silver and crimson gold foil flakes,a clip and two small spoons for you to use the pigment powder.

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